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L. Hertl on FB - March 2016
I have been to a couple of different groomers in the area over the years. This is the best place that I have found. They do a fantastic job. I have two collies and they require an excellent groomer. Linda was great. She was very upfront about prices and the work that would be required to get them in tip top shape and she exceeded my expectations.

R. Zimmerman on FB - March 2018
I love Linda and Lulu's Dog Pawlour! My dog, Stella (8yr old) would rather not be separated from me. Once a month I'm comforted in knowing Stella is being groomed by a dog lover. Because there are separate/safe areas for her to walk around, she is more at ease. She even gets to make new dog friends while she is there. Lulu's grooms, clips nails and brushes teeth for Stella. When I pick her up she looks great and smells amazing. I highly recommend this experience for your pet.

B. Flasch on FB - June 2018
Loved everything about the experience!

S. Lee on FB - April 2019
Excellent with Chloe, nice spot clean and friendly.

lor biro - October 2015
When I called to make the appointment, the owner answered the phone and she was very friendly and helpful and took a lot of time talking to me. When I dropped him off, I noticed that her facility is clean and organized. We were the first appointment of the day so she could spend time and meet our little Shih Tzu.

When I picked my dog up, he was calm and not in a rush to leave. And every time I have brought him back he is excited to go and happy to see Linda. She has a great personality for people and she loves her furry clients. I absolutely trust her and her staff with our dog. Our dog smells so clean and looks so handsome after each appointment LuLu's is worth every penny. She runs her business quite efficiently and will give you an estimate of how long the service will take and she has been done around that time every single time. Did I mention this groomer's shop is the cleanest I have ever seen. Even after a full day of clients the shop smells wonderful.

Peggy D. - April, 2014
My dog had a bad grooming experience at a different salon and has complete anxiety about getting groomed. Once we started going to Lulu that has changed. Linda is so good with her and does a fantastic job. i HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!

Julia - May, 2013
I have been taking my dog to Lulu's since it opened. Linda is a fantastic groomer and her shop is spotless. I refuse to take my pup anywhere else, it's the best!

Grade "A" - Susan on ANGIE'S LIST- June, 2013

This was my first visit to LuLu's and def won't be my last! The place was spotless, Linda is the nicest lady ever, I got an appt. the very next day and my pooch looks great! ; )

Grade "A" - Rich on ANGIE'S LIST - Jan. 2012
I have been looking for a good groomer for my dog Bailey for some time now.  It has been hard to find one that I like and that Bailey is comfortable with.  I saw that Lulu's was close to my house so I thought I would give them a try.  I was impressed when I first walked in to inquire about bringing Bailey.  It's a very nice, relaxing place.  I like the fact that the dog can roam freely instead of being caged up.  Linda who is the owner is very nice and pleasant and made me feel like she would take good care of Bailey.  I could tell she has a love for animals.  She is very careful to achieve the look I am shooting for.  She takes note of any specific instructions and remembers them with each visit.  More importantly, Bailey is quite shy and does very well when she visit's Lulu's.  Linda is the first groomer (out of a few others) that Bailey is ridiculously happy to see.  She does not shiver or shake and beat a path for the door when I come to pick her up which was my experience with other groomers.  It is very obvious that Lulu's cares deeply for the dogs in their care.  Bailey has never looked better!

Richard M. - January 8, 2012
I tried Lulu's for the first time and was very pleased with the way Linda groomed Bentley, my Wheaten. Linda is very professional and her shop is super clean. Also, Bentley is very sensitive with his front legs and paws, Linda was able to keep him from being so nervous which is very important to me. I'm so glad Lulu's moved to the neighborhood - I won't take Bentley anywhere else.

Grade "A" - Sara on ANGIE'S LIST - January 19, 2012
Nail trim for 2 dogs.  Have had full groomings done on previous visits.  Linda, is always very friendly and does a wonderful job with all my dogs.  She always goes out of her way to help me when I need to schedule quickly.

Grade "A" - Ashley on ANGIE'S LIST - January 28, 2012
Miss Linda did a wonderful job on our Teddy Bear. His haircut looked great. Her shop is clean and smells good. I plan to stay with Lulu's.

Angela - February 12, 2012
Linda loves your dogs and it shows when you step into her shop.

Jasmine - May 3, 2012
I have taken Snickers, my Pomeranian several times. Each time Linda takes her time & treats him great. She does an excellent job!

Jackie Hillman on Facebook - November 1, 2012
My two furry roommates actually LOVE going for grooming now that I take them to LuLu's! They get super pampered, professional and loving treatment there, including hugs and kisses in the process! They always look disappointed when they see me coming back to collect them! We Love that place!!

Ron - Jul 9, 2011
Linda does a great job and has been grooming our dog for over a year now.

Vicki - Jun 23, 2011
I took my dog Stuart to Lulu's today. The place is beautiful and very clean.I felt very comfortable leaving my little Stuart with Lulu, she's a very friendly warm person. Stuart's groom turned out to be his best ever!!

Libby22222 - Jun 6, 2011
Lulu's is the best! Linda does such a great job. My dog Libby is a Black Lab / Chow mix and has thick black hair that is hard to wash, clean and get smelling good. Linda took her and did a wonderful job! Even Libby's paws smell so good and clean. I could tell Libby really like going there. She pranced around the house for a week like she was queen saying "look at me"! "Look how beautiful I look". I'm will only take Libby to Lulu's.

Lisa - Jun 23, 2011
I have a very nervous pomeranian, I found LuLu's atmosphere very calming. She did a wonderful groom on my dog!!!!!

Joanne D on Facebook - July 26, 2011
Linda is the BEST !! She has been grooming my girls for well over a year. I have a shih tzu, with hair down to the ground, and a shih-poo, with a puppy cut, they always look great! I also like that they aren't crated, they are able to move around and play while waiting for me to pick them up. LuLu's Dog Pawlour is #1 on my girls list!!!

Lori P. on Facebook - July 26, 2011
Linda is the best groomer.

Kathie T. on Facebook - July 27, 2011
Linda is great with my Bucky! She has so much patience and love for animals. No one is better!

Janice B. on Facebook - July 27, 2011
Finally - someone who cuts our Casey like I asked and doesn't charge a "paw and a tail". What a super clean and happy environment for both the dogs and their owners. Lulu Linda is marvelous - simply the BEST!

Deb S. on Facebook - July 27, 2011
It's an awesome shop.

Kim - July 31, 2011
Linda Lulu did a Fantastic Grooming job with Kia, our Australian Shepherd. It's great to work with someone who genuinely loves dogs. Her shop is very clean and dog friendly!

Margaret - August 3, 2011
Linda is so nice, and does an amazing job. I love the open concept, which means that the dogs don't get kenneled. Our dog had her best grooming from Lulu's and we will never go anywhere else! The pawlour is very clean, and smells good thanks to her aromatherapy candles which you can buy. I suggest Lulu's for everyone!

Claudine F. on Facebook - August 2, 2011
Linda does a beautiful job. So good with Bella. Beautiful clean shop! The dogs are not crated.

Julie G. on Facebook- August 7, 2011
Linda is wonderful - my Tucker and Tessa have been enjoying her "spa" treatments for over a year. They go in looking like something the cat dragged in, and come out glowing and shiny and happy. They love to run free instead of being caged up - just one of the many benefits of going to Lulu's. I wouldn't take my puppies anywhere else!

Steve B. on Facebook – October 1, 2011
We are happy to have tried LuLus Pawlour. We have a 13 yr. old Golden that gets the best gooming ever at LuLu's.! Her cuts are perfect, and smells great long after her grooming. I recommend LuLu and plan to stay with them for a long time.


Erica G. on Facebook - December 16, 2011
I have been taking my dog here and I have to say - I LOVE LINDA! Great haircut, excellent service, and Zack just loves it.

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